Winning The Clutter War – Part 1


Whether you are a Brand New Homeowner or been in your home a while you will find this information worthy of your time.  

As a longtime homeowner I have had to deal with my #1 Enemy -- the monster that lurks under every bed and in every closet -- CLUTTER!  Nothing will interfere with your enjoyment of your home as much as disorganization and clutter. 

If you are a First Time Homeowner and you have only been in your new home a short time, I imagine you were forced to deal with most of your clutter at moving time.  So, for the moment at least, your closets should be pretty orderly and your garage should actually have room for the cars.  But this blissful scenario won't last beyond the first year if you don't take a firm stand right now against the clutter monster!  And heaven help you if you committed the act of mindlessly boxing up your clutter and bringing it with you to the new house!!!! 

Down the road I will be sharing some tips on how to simplify your household and get organized.  But first, let's look at some ways to prevent the clutter in the first place.  We will call this our …


Homeowner's Declaration of Independence


Garage sales are events you stage, not events you attend.  Unless you are a professional junk or antique dealer, there is no reason for you to ever attend a garage sale.  Think of them as the entry level drugs offered by the clutter “drug lord” to get you hooked. 

Discover the joys of borrowing.  Let's be honest.  There are some things you might only use two or three times a year (fondue set, espresso maker, sewing machine, Super Duper Foot Spa, etc.).  You don't need to buy these things!  Your friends will be happy to dig them out from under their beds and loan them to you upon request. 

Throw away those full-color store ad inserts in your newspaper and the mailbox-do not browse them first.  I'm talking about the good ones from Walmart, Kmart, Target, Kohl's, etc.  Those ads exist for one reason only-to make you think you need more stuff.  I know, you think you are just window shopping, but that is the first step to buying a juicer with ten attachments, a second George Foreman Grill, or a desktop fountain like the one in your attic. 

Treat eBay (and other internet shopping sites) like disaster sites -- steer clear of them.  You will not escape unscathed.  Clutter will leap into your shopping cart of its own volition! 

Finally, if you absolutely must buy something, do it only to replace something you already have.  It's OK to replace your grill, the refrigerator or your coffee table -- just don't multiply them!


Until next time,

Diana Dahlberg, Broker/Owner/Realtor - 1 MONTH REALTY

Serving SE Wisconsin since 1994