So, you prefer to sell your home without the benefit of a real estate professional, because you know your home better than any Real Estate Agent ever could.  Obviously, this is true.

But, knowing what it is like to live in your home and knowing how to sell it-or any property-are entirely different things.  So before you commit to putting your home on the market as an FSBO (that’s the acronym for For Sale By Owner), I'd love to go over a few important details with you.

Why should you bother? 

For starters, did you know that on average, homeowners who sell their homes through a real estate agent or broker make substantially more money than those who sell as an FSBO?  This is true even after the REALTOR's standard commission has been factored in, because that commission is tiny compared to the average sales price differential of 20%.

That's because selling a property is not only about knowing your home, but knowing how it compares to other, similar properties on the market.  It's about having the experience to understand what kind of advertising attracts the attention of the most desirable buyers.  It's about knowing how to present a property to maximize curb appeal.  It's about understanding the psychology of the individual homebuyer and that the aspect of your property your prospective buyer finds most compelling might be something you never think about.

And it's also about pricing.  Most FSBOs are priced incorrectly. They either sell for too little to begin with, or are initially overpriced and linger on the market for ages before the asking price is drastically reduced.  As a professional specializing in southeastern Wisconsin, I have access to resources not available to the public, allowing me to set the right price to achieve a speedy sale at top dollar.

So please, before you decide against selling your home FSBO check out my website or give me a call at (262) 657-1171 so we can arrange a time to sit down and discuss how I can get you the results you want.

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