Getting your home ready for my camera!

Remove cash, jewelry and valuables from view as photos will be posted on many Internet websites for public viewing.

Photos on the Internet are the first impression of your home ... and quite often a deciding factor if a potential buyer wants to schedule a showing appointment.



Remove vehicles from the driveway and out of view of the front of your home.

Remove toys, bikes, trash cans, hoses and ladders.

Sweep your roof of any leaves or debris.


Wash Windows – so the outdoors are viewable from inside

Make the beds.

Put all clothing away or in a hamper.

Place trash cans in the garage or out of sight.

Limit items on the kitchen counters (less is better)

Remove everything from the refrigerator doors and stove handles.

Remove pet food bowls, pet toys and litter boxes.

Be sure pictures, draperies, blinds and lampshades are straight.

Move children’s toys out of sight.

Toilet Seats down.  Add Clean Towels to give that decorative touch.

Turn off all interior ceiling fans.

Turn on all lights.

Feel free to share this information with your Sellers before you come to their home to do their Photo Shoot.  They will be glad you did ... you will be proud of your photo tour ... and the Buyers will Thank You!

Wishing you Great Success !!!