A Day in the Life of a REALTOR

What started out to be a really great day ... got up, did my normal routine of praying, bathing, taking the doggies out for their morning ritual and then vitamins and breakfast.  Check

Out the door to meet up with new clients to sign paperwork for a vacant lot listing.  Had a nice visit and cup of coffee at a local McDonalds and had great conversation with the two (2) brothers who had not seen each other in a number of years ... so that turned into a nice reunion.  Check

Now on my way to a walk-thru at a Side x Side Duplex for a client who called yesterday from Arizona asking if I could give him a value for listing and selling his property in Kenosha.  I get to the property and pull in the drive. Knock on the door of the (left) northern unit and Mom's not home, but I convince the kids it's okay, I just need to take a peek. Did a quick walk-thru cause I didn't want to make them uncomfortable.

Now I go next door to check out the (right) southern unit which is vacant. I open the lockbox, get the key and go inside.  I decided to take the key out of the doorknob because I recently read an article online about not leaving a key in the doorknob.  Did a quick walk-thru and then decided since I was already there I would take pictures so I'm one step ahead.

Went out to my car, grabbed the camera and then when I got to the door it was LOCKED!!!  OMG, now what?  Ugh!  My clipboard and the key are sitting on the kitchen counter and the phone number to the owner is on the clipboard! 


I Locked Myself Out!

What to do?   Call Ron (my hubby) and see if he can get ahold of a locksmith to get me back in.  OK, rather than go step by step, you got the point. I was in for a new experience and one that would turn out to be a Learning Experience. 


One Hour Later ... The locksmith pulls up and in less than 1.5 minutes had the door open and I got to pay $150.00 for my smartness. 


Alrighty then!  So much for that wonderful day going bad.  Have you had a day like this?


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